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Pallet securing to prevent cargo movement during transport

J2 Servid
J2 Servid

Avoiding the consequences of a poorly secured cargo is essential.

During transport, the pallets being transported move and the cargo shifts. Such movement can be due to abrupt stops, sudden accelerations, sharp bends… Moreover, if the pallets are not fully loaded, this situation can be even more complicated. These movements often cause the transported goods to shift and fall and these can be damaged. This is known as the "domino effect".

Preventing cargo movements during transport through a good securing system will avoid unwanted costs, claims, and all kinds of problems. At J2 Servid we have different securing systems to prevent cargo movement during transport. All our securing systems have been designed and tested to prevent damage to goods and they all respond to different needs for securing and stowing the cargo, depending on its volume, weight, type... They include lashing belts, composite and textile strapping, protective awnings, edge protectors, anti slip products, etc.

Specifically, to prevent the domino effect and cargo movements when transporting pallets, at J2 Servid we propose Niupack as a solution. This system does not require expensive investments and has been tested on hundreds of road trips with over 4,000 kilos of compression resistance.

The flexibility and ease of use of this system, which prevents cargo movement during transport, means that it can be adapted to the needs of a variety of industries: food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. It is also available in different sizes and formats.

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