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How to use the void-fillers between pallets?

J2 Servid
J2 Servid

Using Niupack void-fillers to fill gaps between pallets in trucks.

The flexibility of Niupack allows it to adapt to the needs of a variety of industries: food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. It is also available in different sizes and formats. During the transport of goods, pallets move and the cargo shifts: abrupt stops, sudden accelerations, sharp bends… And things get even worse when the pallets are carrying a half load. The solution is Niupack, an innovative and practical proposal developed by J2 Servid (a company with more than 25 years’ experience in the cargo protection sector).

The steps to follow for the correct use of void-fillers to fill gaps between pallets in trucks are detailed below. In the example we see specifically the placement of Niupack (S):

  • 1-2. Take Niupack and check how it opens.
  • 3. Place the flat part on top of the palletised goods.
  • 4. Unfold Niuplack in the gap between pallets.
  • 5. The goods travel safely in the truck, as we prevent damage caused by abrupt stops, sudden accelerations or sharp bends…
  • 6. The goods arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

Voidfillers Use

Void-fillers to fill the gaps between pallets in trucks are a simple system, each piece is placed easily between the pallets, acting as a divider, thus preventing goods from falling and shifting ('domino effect' between pallets). Void-fillers to fill the gaps between pallets in trucks are a reliable system, a laboratory test has shown that each of the fillers can withstand a pressure equivalent to more than 4,000 kilos. The system is versatile too and its flexibility allows void-fillers to adapt to the needs of different industries.

Video about the use of Niupack Void-fillers

Example of how Void-fillers are placed and function

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