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Void-fillers for cargo securing

J2 Servid
J2 Servid

Void-fillers for cargo protection

The void-filler system is used to fill voids in palets, to prevent the underhang. It is a system that consists of a foldable honeycomb-shaped corrugated cardboard packaging that is used to divide cargos so that they do not move during transport. This type of securing system is perfect for cargos that do not occupy 100% of the pallet or its surface. On this page, we will explain the different types of void-fillers, how to use them, the advantages of using them as well as the consequences of not doing so.

Specifically, at J2 Servid we have developed Niupack, which has become an established and widely used solution in freight transport companies. Niupack void-fillers can be custom-made but there are also standard models in stock that fit most gaps between cargos in containers. They come in different models and sizes: the double pack, the Box type, the model with adhesive tape... We will give you all the details on this page.



Our company is J2 Servid and we are specialists in systems for the protection of cargo during transit. We are located near Barcelona and have more than 25 years of experience. We provide services to transport companies in Spain and Portugal. Some of our products include:

  • Void-fillers for cargo protection.
  • Niupack for cargo protection.
  • Dessicants for cargo protection.
  • Logiterm Insulation systems for cargo protection.
  • Securing systems for cargo protection.

Void-fillers are one of our securing systems. We have different models in stock at J2 Servid, which adapt to different types of voids. Void-fillers avoid the domino effect caused by braking and accelerating during transport.

Our void-fillers to fill gaps between goods are available in different sizes and formats:

  • Niupack (S)
  • Niupanel
  • Niupack double
  • Niupack L
  • Niublock
  • Niubox
J2 Servid


Specialists in cargo protection

We have more than 25 years of experience

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