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Void-fillers: the quick and safe securing system

J2 Servid
J2 Servid

Secure goods by eliminating gaps between pallets.

There is a wide variety of Niupack void-fillers models to fill gaps between container pallets. Each of these models will provide you with a solution to a specific cargo problem by preventing its movement. As this void-filling system is for truck containers, our void-fillers come in different sizes and shapes to fill all possible gaps: Niupack S, Niupanel, Niupack double, Niupack L, Niublock and Niubox. All of them are very easy to place and are described in detail below...

Types of void-fillers for cargo protection in containers

Void Fillers Niupack (S)

Niupack (S)

Void-filler system to fill the gap between pallets in standard containers With Niupack S void-fillers we prevent palletized goods from tilting and rocking (domino effect). Geared toward consumer goods sectors, such as the food and beverage industry.

Void Fillers Niupanel


Void-filler system to fill gaps between pallets in containers that consists in a large corrugated cardboard panel with a honeycomb structure. This system is ideal to protect the sides of the pallet and to divide and stabilize stacked pallets.

Niupack double

Niupack double

Void-filler system to fill gaps between pallets in containers. Ideal to protect loose pallets as it prevents impacts and collisions between pallets. It helps gain longitudinal space in marine containers and avoid the minimum possible gap.

Void Fillers Niupack L

Niupack L

Void-filler system to fill gaps between pallets in containers, large model to prevent cargo from tilting and rocking. It is used to fill large gaps between pallets in trucks or containers.

Void Fillers Niublock


Custom adhesive blocks ideal for rigid cargo. Niublock prevents shocks and crashes between pallets. It is mainly designed for the machinery and consumer electronics sectors as well as transport and logistics companies in general.

Void Fillers Niubox


Patented void-filler system of foldable and very resistant honeycomb panels for pallets in containers. Its main advantage is that it can be folded for transport or storage, thus saving space in transport and storage.

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